Gosh, Where do I start? Recently getting the new “toy” like, many others, made me excited to draw again. I had pushed drawing aside to play with vectors (slightly regretting btw) and to kill the little time I do have when the boys are sleeping since the death of my lunatik stylus. Pretty much leaving me with nothing to draw with for the last month or so. Well unwrapping the PENCIL was like opening a fresh box of crayons for me.

Of course, I didn’t get a chance to play with it right away until about midnight. (Dinner, Dishes, Tot Time, Bedtime, Mommie Time). And when I did; I came up with a few things I love and then my perceptions of the…not so much.

The View of PENCIL from a casual doodler:

•The nib was a bit too soft for my liking. I don’t know if it was the first batch of nibs or what- but I have already switched out my nib to the extra one provided in the box and that one consist of a better feel. If you ‘color in’ the way that I do, be careful! This too, will probably happen faster than you would like to believe.

•I absolutely LOVE the palm rejection! Keep in mind that this is my first time ever getting to experience this. Over the past 5 yrs or so I’ve only used bamboo stylus’ and lunatik. Never connected to any Bluetooth form stylus because I had an iPad 2 which was never compatible to any. Those who are with me know that I have tried every trick in the book for palm drawing nuisance. From handmade gloves to overpriced tablet drawing gloves- they make your hand sweat to smithereens after about 45 minutes, by the way. Now, I rest my wrist with no worries.

•Another feature I really enjoy is the true to pencil style eraser. Paper really went back to the basics on this one! The eraser is phenomenal for me! I’m the “tunnel vision” type of drawer. I pull my iPad back to observe my work only to find a mistake that REWIND will no longer help me with because that mistake is far too gone. With eraser, I can go right into the root of my mistake with out erasing half of my work going too far back. However, I really no REALLY wish there was a size option.

•Blending on the other hand, I’m not too comfortable with yet. I’ve never been the excellent painter. I’ve always been a sketcher. With using the pencil tool, I find that blending only smudges my “pixel graphite” to a non-existing form. I’ve also noticed that when I’m trying to cross hatch or shade with the pencil tool, it blends my work accidentally. However, it does work well with the paint brush tool.

•Lastly, I love the overall feel of PENCIL. It’s the best stlyi that I have used so far. It’s actually helping me to become more comfortable with the other tools. I believe 2 great artist once said that the pencil tool was the most powerful tool in paper. (Sebastian & Mr. Michael Rose) I’m finally finding this to be true. I could never get the just of using it with other stylus, until PENCIL and I’m loving it. The paper’s pencil tool works so well with the PENCIL stlyi. It just feels so natural. Almost like using a real pencil. That’s its greatest feature in my personal opinion. Now I’m ever so eager to master all of Mr. Rose’s tutorials.

•Bonus- forgot to mention that you absolutely can not go wrong with the magnetic strip built in PENCIL! I use to misplace my styli all over creation. (Mainly, the couch & the diaper bag would eat it.) Now that sucker sticks to my cover like pb&j sandwiches! Extremely clever! Thank you so much Fifty Three!

Aside from that, I haven’t drawn in so long it feels like I’m starting all over again. *sigh* is it true what they say it’s like riding a bike? If so, so far I can’t tell! ;-D
Wish me luck! All the best and doodles to you.